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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
GameTap Lite Released For Macs
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 10 comments

After a few delays, the GameTap Lite Player has finally been released for Intel Macs. The Lite client is the free ad supported version of the service providing access to a large variety of games. The Deluxe subscription based version of GameTap is scheduled to debut on Macs later this year.

Joystiq has posted a tour of the installation process for GameTap Lite, as well as an examination of performance for the emulated games.

We've tried out plenty of titles, including the underrated Neo-Geo shooter Blazing Star, the 32X tragedy otherwise known as Knuckle's Chaotix and much, much more. Thus far, the performance has been equal to our PC's running GameTap, which means that now, outside of illegal emulation, Mac owners have access to arcade perfection.

When it comes to PC perfection, however, the Mac client can't even be bothered. Finding a few DOS and Windows titles hiding in the library, we attempted to boot them up with a huge grain of salt. Said grain proved useful as the client downloaded our games, then immediately rejected them in a crashing blaze of glory. This was, of course, totally expected, but we were really looking forward to some Willy Beamish.

A few minor quirks aside, the first release of GameTap for Mac is solid. The titles that support online play perform just as well as they do on the PC, which means that now everyone can appreciate the multiplayer joy that is Twinkle Star Sprites.
Follow the links below to check out GameTap Lite and take the tour.

GameTap Lite Player
Joystiq: GameTap Mac Client Tour

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