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Monday, June 25, 2007
Mac GameTap Screenshots
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Screenshots of the upcoming Mac version of the GameTap game service are now available on the offical GameTap blog. A limited version of the service is scheduled to debut for Intel Mac owners this Thursday, offering hundreds of game titles for players to enjoy.

As promised, in advance of next Thursday’s launch of GameTap on the Mac, here’s a visual preview. GameTap Mac fans, your future looks like this.

Dedicated Mac nerds will immediately note that the previously-mentioned gorgeous dock icon is sitting on that fancy new 3D dock that Apple unveiled last week as a part of their upcoming OS X Leopard release.  Obviously, Leopard isn’t required to run the Lite Player, but we couldn’t resist using it for the screenshot.

And here’s a bonus shot (again, more for the Mac folks with dogcow tattoos) showing a couple of those superslick, supereasytomake Web Clip widgets. In this case we’ve clipped out the Flash-based promo from the top of home (with sound and motion and everything!) and the free-to-play selection from Play home. A quick F12 and boom! You know what’s on tap for the week.
Head over to the site below to check out the screenshots.

GameTap Blog: Mac GameTap Screens

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