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Monday, June 18, 2007

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StarCraft II: Protoss Units Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Using information gleaned from the upcoming August issue of PC Gamer magazine, Blizzplanet has posted descriptions of 16 Protoss units planned for the upcoming release of StarCraft II. The units include both old favorites and new additions to the Protoss war machine.

Here are a few of the descriptions:

Phase Prism

Phase Prisms replace the Scout transporting vessel. They are used to warp-in up to sixteen protoss units anywhere on the battlefield. Phase Prisms also serve as a mobile pylon to power up protoss buildings when enemy units have destroyed pylons. Phase Prism is useful to build a quick defense at a new Nexus for expansion of your mineral and vespene gas resources. Phase Prisms could be used to power phase cannons strategically placed to surprise enemies in unsuspecting areas.

Soul Hunter

Soul Hunters are robotic units that hover above the ground. They are anti-infantry units that suck the souls of enemies. The more souls they consume, the more powerful they get. They fire a single beam at first, and as they consume more souls it powers up to three beams, increasing its damage output. Soul Hunters are effective against small enemy units. Thirteen Soul Hunters can destroy a Command Center within 10 seconds.

Star Relic

The Star Relic is a dangerous unit. It can create a cloak field to make ground and air units invisible, and even structures. Star Relic has a fusion beam ability against a single unit. It slowly causes damage until the unit dies. However, the danger comes after ... the enemy unit becomes a living bomb, exploding and damaging everything around its perimeter. The bigger the unit, the bigger the damage radius when it goes boom.
Blizzplanet also provides a link to a gameplay video showing some of the new units in action. To check out the new units and the video head over to the links listed below.

Blizzplanet: SCII Protoss Units
Bllizzplanet: Protoss Unit Gameplay Video
Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty
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