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Monday, June 4, 2007

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Aquaria For OS X Sneak Peek
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Ambrosia Software released a sneak peek at the upcoming Aquaria for Mac in a recent Ambrosia Times article. Created by Bit Blot, the side-scrolling underwater action adventure game follows the adventures of Naija as she embarks on a quest to reveal the history of the the underwater land of Aquaria.

I have to be honest, having this job is good, especially when I get to test out all the games before the public release. The job is only the better when this 2D scrolling fanatic got his hands on the underwater adventure game Aquaria. 
Like Ulysses, in Homer's epic poem the Odyssey, you too might have to be tied to the mast when you hear of Ambrosia's newest singing aquatic heroine. Because this game is amazing, addictive, and unfortunately not available. 
Like the sirens from that great tale, this little character uses songs to get what she wants. It's no surprise that this is the Winner of the Independent Games Festival's Seumas McNally Grand Prize. From the moment you start the game, you are swallowed up by the sea, the sounds, and the stunning visuals. 
Aquaria is a non-linear side-scrolling game that is extremely easy to pick up and learn. The game progresses gradually, so you don't have to worry about combat until you're prepared. You play as Naija, a lonely sea creature who has led a simple, feral life - never questioning the strange world around her. That is until one fateful day, when a mysterious figure appears - inspiring Naija to begin a journey to undercover the history of Aquaria.
The sneak peek also includes several screenshots from the game. Click on the links below to read the rest.

The Ambrosia Times: Aquaria Preview
Ambrosia Software

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