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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Apple Games Features Texas Hold'em
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games latest feature deals with Texas Hold'em for iPod, one of several titles currently available for Apple's handheld multimedia device. This version of the popular card game features four game play speeds, tournament play against progressively difficult AI, and statistic tracking of wins and losses.

Down to your last $200, you receive your next hand: six of clubs and four of diamonds. You wince but stay in anyway. As the betting continues around the table, two of your five opponents fold. One of the players who stayed in gives a slight smile as she raises her bet by $50. Confidence or a bluff? You decide the latter and meet that amount.

Three cards, known as the flop, hit the table: six of hearts, king of clubs, and ace of spades. Not a strong hand, to be sure, but you figure you might bluff your way through this round. You raise the bet by another $20, trying to remain conservative while giving an air of confidence. Another player folds, but it wasnít the bluffer.

The turn card appears: six of diamonds. Three-of-a-kind isnít a bad hand, especially if youíre bluffing. You stay in, but the bluffer tacks on another $50, again flashing those pearly whites as she does so. The other player still hanging in folds, leaving just two of you. You meet the blufferís bet, thankful her computer-generated visage canít detect the sweat dripping down your forehead.
The full feature article is available at the link below.

Apple Games: Texas Hold'em For iPod
Apple Store: iPod Games

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