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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Hands On With Pirates Of The Caribbean Online
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

YouGamers recently posted a hands-on preview of Disney's upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a multiplayer online addition to the very successful Pirates franchise. The game will allow players to engage in a variety of piratical activities including sword fights and ship to ship battles. The preview offers the writer's experiences playing a beta version of the game.

Starting off with just a sword and a dose of courage, the game introduces you to the various control and combat mechanics. It's all very easy to get a handle on, and you're soon fighting skeletons and crabs on the beach for a bounty. Each type of combat hand-to-hand, cannon, sailing and Voodoo has its own set up upgrades and special abilities, which are upgraded with Skill Points. Timing is crucial in hand-to-hand combat, with extra damage doled out based on various combination attacks. Out on the open sea, ship-to-ship combat is varied and can be a bit difficult if you're sailing solo on your vessel, as you have to alternate between captaining and manning the artillery. But sinking another ship is a satisfying endeavor and as with on-land combat, the plundering can be lucrative.

As you complete various Quests and defeat enemies, you gain Notoriety PoTCO-speak for levels. There is a main storyline to follow, of course, as well as numerous side-quests. I particularly enjoyed sailing aimlessly and sinking Navy ships, but often a well-equipped and heavily armored East India Trading Company vessel would spoil the party and fill my hull with holes in short order. I'd scour the beach for hours, killing enough crabs for a bounty to pay for ship repairs, then set sail again to repeat the process. New ships are expensive, so be prepared to complete some menial quests over and over to gather enough gold for upgrades.
To read the full preview head over to the link below.

YouGamers: PotCo Preview
Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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