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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Gabriel Knight II Director Interviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Adventure Classic Gaming has posted an interview with Will Binder, director of the mystery adventure game Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within. The interview examines Binder's career in Hollywood, the possibility of future games in the series, and the differences between directing a movie and directing footage for a game.

Do you feel there is any difference of approach required in directing a game and directing a film? What in particular do you find challenging in this game-making genre?

Overall the approach required in directing a game and directing a film are very similar. You work with your actors and your crew to tell a story with images and sound. That being said there are some noticeable differences.
One difference between directing a game and a film is that in a game the director has to be aware of all the different scenarios that may or may not have happened to a specific character because the story (or characters) can go in many different directions depending on the choices the player makes. On GKII for example, something may or may not have happened earlier in Gabriel’s (Dean’s) adventures depending on the choices the player made; making it difficult for the actor to know exactly what he/she’s been through or where he’s at in the story. Because of this, it was tricky at times dealing with the actors and explaining their motivations, state of mind, etc.

Another noticeable difference was some of the specific requirements unique to directing a game. For instance, in many of the scenes in GKII, the actors needed to start and end each scene on a specific mark and in a specific position with a specific expression for continuity purposes because we did not know the next choice the player would make.

Also, on GKII there were many technical considerations and limitations. “The Beast Within” was basically a giant special effects movie. Ninety percent of the nearly 500 page script was shot on a blue stage. Because of space and monetary reasons we ended up constructing blue props, fake doors, etc. This took time and made the lighting more complicated. And, because we didn’t have motion-control and couldn’t move the camera during a shot, we had to take extra care when composing and blocking our shots. Not to mention that our limited budget gave us very little rehearsal time for the cast or crew, making the production even more challenging and rewarding.
To read the full interview head over to the site listed below.

Adventure Classic Gaming: Will Binder Interview

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