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Monday, May 14, 2007

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Week Of Blizzard Website Teasers Begins
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 8 comments

Leading up to its scheduled announcement of a new game on May 19th at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals in South Korea, Blizzard Entertainment has commenced a webpage countdown. On the first day visitors to the company's site were greeted with cover art from the first two WarCraft RTS games and a timeline of all its popular games including StarCraft and Diablo.

It is likely that Blizzard will update the site periodically during the week, giving further reason for devoted fans to speculate on the new game. Blizzplanet has posted a detailed examination of some of the possibilities, including the potential for a Starcraft MMO.

If we put in the mix what Computer and Video Games said a week ago, spreading rumors of a Starcraft MMO, it could be most likely a Starcraft MMO-RTS. Think of MMO Persistent World features like those in Hellgate: London, with continued updates and downloadable expansions using Broadband. A server-side RTS with hack-prevention measures. VOD and E-Sport Support...

Blizzard has so many possible games in their grasp it is nigh impossible to pinpoint or take a guess at what they will announce either at the WWI (May 19) or at Blizzcon (August 3-5).

The general thought is that Blizzard will announce a Starcraft game, since they are announcing it at South Korea -- a major Starcraft community. If we take Blizzard's recent pattern of novel tie-ins as an intro to a new game announcement, we have to consider that this very month of May Blizzard and Simon & Schuster Pocket Star Books are releasing STARCRAFT: THE DARK TEMPLAR, book one: FIRST BORN
For more information check out the links below.

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