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Monday, May 7, 2007

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Winter Wolves: New RPG In Progress, Magic Stones Updates
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

The latest Winter Wolves newsletter revealed two new additions to The Magic Stones hybrid RPG card game, as well as work on a unique new role playing game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers of the past.

The first addition to The Magic Stones is The Lands of Fire expansion pack which adds 2 new avatars, the Wild Huntress, the Giant Turtle, and the new Black Widow villain.

The King has a special assignment for you this time. You must escort a caravan with the elven allies through the dangerous Lands of Fire. It is a wild land, bandit raids are very common, so you must keep the eyes open

Escort the caravan and discover 2 new avatars, the swift and deadly Wild Huntress and the huge and tough Giant Turtle . Use those new avatars' powers in this new quest featuring formidable new opponents like the wicked witch Black Widow !
The second addition to The Magic Stones is The Magic Shop, a fan requested add-on that allows players to upgrade their druid avatars with the addition of perks, level upgrades, and an artifact shop. The Magic Shop add-on costs $5.
Druid Perks: the most important addition, perks are unique special skills that will greatly help your druid to win the most difficult battles. Some perks increase your mana regeneration, others reduce the spells casting cost, and so on.

Avatars Upgrades: beside the usual way of upgrading your avatars level by collecting the stones in Gather Artifact and Quest Mode, you'll also be able to buy complete level upgrades.

Shop for Artifacts: you can now browse and buy some artifacts directly in the Magic Shop.

As currency, you use your druid Experience Points and Prestige Points. Prestige Points are earned partecipating in the tournament and doing quests.
Finally, Winterwolves announced The Tower of Destiny. The new first person view RPG will feature a unique pool of 25 heroes from which to choose, requiring players to decide which heroes to take with them to conquer a specific challenge.
Tower Of Destiny will be a CRPG game for Mac and Pc that will be inspired from the old classics dungeon games that were very popular in the years 1980-1990.

But beside a similar setting and visual, the gameplay will be completely different and innovative. You'll be able to choose up to 25 heroes to put in the "Pool of Heroes", and you'll be able to switch the characters everytime you come back from the dungeon to the town village.

So for the first time the roleplay elements will be combined with management, you'll have to choose carefully which characters to bring with you in the dungeon every time, based on the kind of challenge you'll face in a specific dungeon level.
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