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Friday, May 4, 2007
Alex Seropian Interviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 24 comments

The Armchair Empire has posted an interview with Wideload Games' Alex Seropian. The interview spans a variety of topics including a look back at Stubbs The Zombie, Seropian's time at Bungie, and the importance of retaining rights to intellectual property.

For a smaller developer, what does it mean to retain the rights to an original IP?

Thatís a really good topic. †It means a lot. †There are a lot of issues that that ownership of IP translates into. †Some of them are control. †You know, you create something and then somebodyís going to control what happens to it; then some of itís being able to participate in something that you give birth to and it can grow and have a life of its own and get bigger Ė and that can be very beneficial to everyone involved, especially if you own the IP.

The IP is really the thing of value that exists. †Itís intellectual property but its property, so you make something . †So if youíre going to sell a million units Ė make a one million of these boxes and sell them to individual people but the thing thatís leftover is the IP. †Whomever owns that is the one who retains the equity of the idea. †From my perspective itís extremely important from a creative perspective of having the incentive to invest your life and your energy into an idea. †From a business perspective, [itís] ultimately the most important thing in the world because itís the one tangible thing of value.
Check out the full interview by clicking on the link below.

Armchair Empire: Alex Seropian Q&A
Aspyr Media
Stubbs the Zombie
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