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Thursday, May 3, 2007

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Richard Garriott Discusses WoW's Impact
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Games Industry recently posted an interview with legendary game designer Richard Garriott about the evolving MMORPG game genre. The creator of the classic Ultima series discussed the impact of World of Warcraft and the reasons why the enormously successful title is good for other MMOs yet to be released.

What's interesting is the MMO space is still growing so rapidly. The only enemy we have are bad games. If people try MMOs and get a bad taste because of a bad game, they won't continue to play MMOs. They'll go back to playing offline.

We commonly get the question, is World of Warcraft a big competitor that might hurt our sales? It really turns out to be quite the opposite. In the case of the MMO genre, when people sign on to play one of these games - while it's true that they generally only play one, maybe two at the most, no one plays any particular MMO for more than a year or so.

For example, Ultima Online still has hundreds of thousands of players just like it did when it launched. But the ones playing today have almost no overlap with the ones who played it a year ago, or the year before that. What's happened is the majority of those players are now looking for other things to play and have moved on to EverQuest, or World of Warcraft, et cetera.
To read the rest of the interview follow the link below.

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Archives  News  Richard Garriott Discusses WoW's Impact