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Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Dominions 3: The Awakening Reviewed
6:10 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Shrapnel Games' Dominions 3: The Awakening was recently reviewed by Tacticular Cancer. The turn based strategy game offers a large number of units and spells, a customizable game setup, and both single and multiplayer excitement. Tacticular Cancer recommended the game to fans of in-depth strategy games who value options over graphics.

Unfortunately, not knowing anything about the game, the first impression is of something really ugly and way too complicated. It literally takes hours of patience of playing the tutorial to understand the basic concepts if you've never played Dominions. The graphics and user interface are on par with the first Civilization when it was released way back when. And then it takes several more hours to become good enough to not make any glaring mistakes. Once that barrier is broken though, the game begins to really shine with its strategic depth and richness. In today's terms having such a steep learning curve explains why this game is only for the few who are willing to put more time into *learning* a game than others are willing into *playing* a game - what with those recent shooters which take only 10 hours to play through? It'll take you 10 hours to really get into this game and then at least 200 hours to have played enough of it!

Generally, this game is most about your own imagination and your strategic thinking. After a while you stop noticing the ugly graphical representation (just as you did when playing Civilization I) and it all plays in your head. After a while even when not playing you begin to think about whether your newly summoned fiends will hold back that Jotunheim invasion. And the strategic part in you will constantly plan new strategies, think about whether playing that race is better than playing this race or whether you should concentrate on summons or on mighty mages. All that sums up to a much more intense role-playing experience than what you get from recent so-called rpg games such as Oblivion. The skills of your pretender god really influence your way of winning (or losing) and vice versa during time you influence the skills of your god. Having stats for every single unit in the game and them having a significant influence on the outcomes of battles certainly helps.
Check out the full review at the link below.

Tacticular Cancer: Dominions 3 Review
Shrapnel Games
Dominions III: The Awakening
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