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Wednesday, November 22, 2000
Nvidia Q&A with Brian Burke
10:16 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Nvidia's PR man (and former 3dfx PR man) Brian Burke has given a few answers to some questions from the folks at 3DGPU. While he gives the standard line about the company's products, he also covers a bit of their newly-announced mobile chip, the GeForce 2Go. With rumors surrounding an Apple adoption of Nvidia technology, this portable chip certainly adds to the support of such a suspicion. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

The goal for mobile graphics is the same as the goal with desktop graphics…. to offer the best product and to dominate the market. The GeForce2Go is an excellent mobile graphics processor and clearly bests the ATI product in all key areas. It has faster 2D, the 3D performance is about 3 times faster, it has onboard T&L and is a more efficient architecture so it consumes less power. There is no reason to think of it as a mobile gaming part, because all the features that make it a great gaming part also translate to a great business part. The GeForce2Go was designed to be the best mobile graphics solution, the fact that it is the first mobile GPU and has fast enough 3D to run Quake3 in at SuperVGA resolutions is just a nice bonus : )
Have a read through our previous coverage of this chip for more info on its capabilities and Mac-compatibility. We hope to see some sort of Mac technology from Nvidia fairly soon (maybe even MWSF?). Stay tuned to IMG for all the latest.

3DGPU Interview with Brian Burke
IMG News: NVIDIA's New Portable Chip is Mac-ready

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