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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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Apple Games Features iPod Ms. Pac-Man
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games' latest feature showcases Ms. Pac-Man for the iPod. The game allows fifth generation iPod owners to test their pellet gobbling and ghost dodging skills. The feature includes an overview of Ms. Pac-Man's history and a few tips and tricks to give players an edge.

After trying out the concept on Missile Command, Curran and Macrae started a company called General Computer and began working on a modification of Pac-Man that they named Crazy Otto. After pitching the idea to Bally-Midway, which distributed Namco’s arcade games in the United States, the pair changed the name to Ms. Pac-Man, and over 115,000 units were sold, more than Pac-Man.

On the iPod, Ms. Pac-Man offers the same features as her counterpart: three game modes (Original, Normal, and Easy); the ability to start a new game at any level you previously reached; the option to continue at the level where you lost your last life up to three times per session; and the ability to save your progress and exit the game. In addition, Ms. Pac-Man includes a tutorial that helps acclimate you to controlling the character by tapping the click wheel in the direction she should turn (an on-screen joystick indicates what you selected).
Check out the full feature at the site listed below.

Apple Games: iPod Ms. Pac-Man
Apple Store: iPod Games

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