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Monday, April 9, 2007
Intel Macs Face Off
6:00 AM | Anthony Wang | 2 comments

Last week, Primate Labs released benchmarks of nearly all the Intel Macs, from the Mac mini to the MacBook Pro. Primate Labs used Geekbench 2 which only measured the processing power and memory. Nonetheless, the benchmarks give users a chance to compare all the Intel Macs but the Xserve.

There’s not a huge change in performance across most of Apple’s Intel-based Mac lineup (the high-end MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo is only 30% faster than the low-end MacBook Core Duo, for example). The only big changes occur at the low end with the (discontinued) single-core Mac mini, or at the high end with the quad-core Mac Pro.
Please follow the links below to learn more information.

Primate Labs Geekbench Results

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