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Thursday, April 5, 2007
World of Padman Stands Alone
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

The World of Padman, which began as a Quake III Arena mod, has been released as a stand alone game. Available for download from the Padman website, the game comes in Windows, Linux, and Mac versions. The multiplayer shooter can be played online or over a LAN and offers 12 maps, unusual weapons, and new game types.

It's been many exciting years, during which the PadMaps developed to the PadMod, and the PadMod finally evolved to the PadGame, and now, now it is actually here, the PadGame, the standalone version of "World of Padman".

So what awaits you?

A cool fun shooter, in liliput style, that including 12 maps, along with new crazy weapons, colourful player models, and new game types. Furthermore, everything is musically accompanied by the bands dieselkopf and Green Sun.

The “World of Padman” is a multiplayer game, in which you can fight your opponent online or have some fun at home playing with some friends and bots. A single player part doesn't exist yet.
For download links and more information about the game click on the links listed below.

World of Padman
World of Padman: Description & Download Links

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