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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Hide And Seek In The Broken Hourglass
6:34 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Planewalker Games' latest update for The Broken Hourglass, its upcoming RPG, examines the mechanics of hiding, searching, and finding. The information update includes information on the skills necessary to hide effectively, as well as those needed to detect hidden traps and items.

Any character or creature with at least one point in the Stealth skill may attempt to hide at any time. As far as they are aware, they are now hidden.

An opposing individual or party which encounters the hidden creature will spot it if its Perception score exceeds the Stealth score of the hider. Perception is a group skill, meaning that when party members are within a certain radius of one another, they are able to fractionally combine their abilities to have a better chance of locating a hider than they would on their own...

Inanimate objects may also be hidden from view or otherwise conceal some sort of secret. The usual categories for hidden objects are traps, doors, and containers. Although each serves a very different purpose, the mechanics for finding each one is essentially the same. The object to be hidden is assigned a Perception score, which indicates the Perception a searching party must possess in order to find the object.

If you have a sufficient Perception score, you find the hidden object-it illuminates on the screen and the character which found it alerts you to its presence. Traps can also be "found" the hard way-by walking into one unaware and suffering its attack. Some traps will automatically disarm themselves after firing once, while others can fire again and again. Either way, you only see the trap's danger zone if you beat the Perception check. Hidden doors and containers typically have no such clues. Because perception is shared across the party, once a hidden object is located once, the members of the locating party can see it again on subsequent visits.

Head over to the Planewalker website to read the rest.

The Broken Hourglass: Rules and Mechanics, Hiding & Finding
The Broken Hourglass

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