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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Apple Features Heroes Of Might And Magic V
9:22 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games' latest feature showcases the recently released Heroes of Might and Magic V, the continuation of the popular fantasy themed strategy series. The article features a review of the game with comments from the producer, a history of the entirely new gameworld, and a brief examination of the Cider technology bringing the game to Intel based Macs.

The strategy element comes into play as each hero gathers resources, including wood, gold, gems, crystals, ore, mercury, and sulfur, all of which you’ll need to improve your soldiers’ abilities, as well as construct new buildings in your towns. Those buildings include magic guilds, a marketplace for exchanging resources, a tavern where you can learn gossip and recruit additional heroes to help you, barracks and other structures where you can recruit more troops, and more. As you improve your towns, they become stronger and increase in levels — leaving garrisons behind to watch over them while you’re away also helps their defenses...

Strategy once again enters the scene when you engage in the turn-based combat that’s long been a staple of the Heroes series. “That battle system is the heart of the game, and we wanted to keep it,” explains producer Fabrice Cambounet. “The chess-like feeling of the battle is also the differentiating point of the series.” You can play the battles without a time limit, in the custom of the previous Heroes games, or with the new Dynamic Battle System, which gives you several seconds to make each move. You can also automate the combat, if you’d rather have the computer make your decisions.
TransGaming's Vikas Gupta also offered a few comments about the future of Cider, promising more Ciderized titles in 2007.
“With Macs transitioning to Intel,” explains TransGaming president Vikas Gupta, “we knew Cider would revolutionize gaming on the Mac platform. This was TransGaming’s opportunity to transform Macs into mainstream gaming machines and satiate the Mac community’s appetite for games.”

He adds: “Mac gamers can certainly expect to see more content more quickly. With Cider, it becomes extremely easy to deploy video games on the Mac platform and, thus, we fully expect that not only will there be more content than ever before but also simultaneous releases of games on PC and Mac by some of the most influential publishers in the world.” Gupta promises: “We fully expect that Cider will change the face of Mac gaming in 2007.”
To read more head over to the Apple Games site listed below.

Apple Games: Heroes Of Might And Magic V
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

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