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Friday, November 17, 2000
Mac Hexen 2 on its Way
10:03 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Westlake's Brad Oliver, who has previously worked on projects like MacMAME and Heretic, has made an interesting post to the Mac GL Quake Mailing List. Apparently, he's using the Mac GL Quake code and the newly-released PC Hexen 2 source (which was based on the Quake engine) to port the game to the Mac. This is great news, as it both brings a new game to the Mac, and he has updated the work on GL Quake. Here's a clip from his post:

I don't know if this is on-topic or not, but I've been tooling around with
the Hexen 2 source on the Mac. I've got it up and in a nearly-complete state
now, along with Hexen 2 World, based in large part off the work David (and
presumably others) have done with Mac Quake. It runs both Hexen 2 as well as
the mission pack, although because the code is 1.12, it requires the mission
pack data even when you want to run the normal version. D'oh! You can pick
both up pretty cheap from the Activision online store, although I got mine

Off the top of my head, these are the changes I've made:

  • Massive cleanup to the redbook audio code - it can deal gracefully with a
    data track 1 now, among other things.
  • Reversed the input sprocket y-axis to match the behavior of the PC.
  • Added some preliminary code to deal with pausing a Voodoo-based OpenGL
    context, e.g. when you're pulling up the InputSprocket dialog.
  • Updated to Pro 6, cleaned up the access paths
  • Updated to GUSI 213
  • Partial Carbonization

    Still todo:

  • Add Smacker support to Hexen 2 for the opening movie. Since Smacker isn't
    "free", I need to clear some licensing hurdles with Raven first. Failing
    that, I'd need to fork over $3000. ;-)
  • Add GameRanger support. Has anyone contacted Scott? If not, I can take
    care of this pretty easily for both GLQuake and GLHexen 2.
  • Clean up the InputSprocket code, add axis needs and more buttons.

    All in all, it was a pretty solid app even before I started tinkering with
    it. There's not really a whole lot I'd like to do after I'm done with the

  • Brad has confirmed with us that the Hexen 2 app could be out as soon as the weekend, so we'll stay on this and let you know. A big thanks to him for again taking on another great side project, it's great to have such active developers like him in the community.

    Mac GL Quake Web Site

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