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Monday, February 5, 2007

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Myst Online: Uru Live Interview
7:13 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Firing Squad has posted a new interview with Cyan World's Rand Miller about the upcoming Myst Online: Uru Live. Miller discusses Uru Live's history, the features players can expect, and the choice to go with GameTap. The online addition to the long running Myst series will offer cooperative puzzle solving and a perpetually growing world for constant exploration.

FiringSquad: How will playing a game like Uru Live with lots of people be handled and feel different than a typical single player adventure game?

Rand Miller : Uru Live simply presents the option to share the journey with others. Interestingly, Uru Live is built to allow each player to own a version of every age that they visit. It becomes theirs. They can go in and explore alone if they want, or they can invite a few friends to join them. But in the end it's a book on their shelf that links to their age - just the way they left it.

There are shared areas as well that facilitate becoming part of a larger community. Neighborhoods and a huge city in the ruins of the underground D'ni empire. Those are places that explorers can go to get hints, or find help, or find out what the latest happenings are, or what new age has appeared. But there is this idea of personal ownership and intimate exploration of interesting spaces where Uru Live follows in the tradition that Myst started years ago.

FiringSquad: What new gameplay elements and content do you hope to add to Uru Live as the game evolves in the next several months?

Rand Miller : New stuff has already been added. Even in beta we've added a new garden age with some interesting new gameplay. As we launch there will be more additions in the coming weeks and months. The added space gives new places for people to explore, but it also reveals the threads of the underlying story that explorers become part of. They'll be part of the world as elements of the story begin to take shape and move in surprising directions.

The recently announced Mac version of Uru Live will be coming to the Intel Macs courtesy of TransGaming's new Cider technology.

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