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Thursday, February 1, 2007
Unreal Tournament 3 Q&A
6:59 AM | Cord Kruse | 15 comments

Computer and Video Games has posted an interview with Jeff Morris ofEpic Games, about the eagerly awaited Unreal Tournament 3. The interview covers a variety of topics including the game's recent name change, the long development cycle, and the struggle to maintain balance when adding new content.

What about the new Necris vehicles? Was it difficult coming up with new ideas?

Morris: We did a lot of tweaking in UT 2004, we knew how the vehicles were going to stack up; the manta was going to fly around the Goliath but if the Goliath had a guy in the machine gun nest he was going to own it because the manta couldn't move around fast enough. So that kind of base balancing we already took care of, so we spent most of our capital on the Necris vehicles which we wanted radically different.

The Darkwalker is the analogy for the Goliath but it's about as different as you can get. It's the same in that it's heavily armoured, it's slow, it's got a short rate of fire but it's incredibly damaging; it's got all those elements that the Goliath has but because it's a walker it can crouch, it can climb, you can fly between its legs, it's got all these other elements that make it feel very different to a tank.

The ability to focus most of our design on the new vehicles helped us get this other range of vehicles that were really safe balance-wise.

To read the rest of the article follow the link below.

Computer and Video Games: UT 3 Q&A
Epic Games

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