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Friday, January 12, 2007
MWSF: Freeverse Readies New Titles
7:20 AM | Eddie Park | 10 comments

Interestingly enough, Freeverse managed to score a booth apart from the MWSF games pavilion, and we just managed to stumble onto them today. Thankfully, they were nice enough to forgive us for our tardiness and show us some of the new stuff they're currently working on.

First up is Tiki Magic, a 3D mini-golf game. While still in early development, we witnessed Tiki masks, collectible gems, moveable objects, and the ability to launch one's ball out of bounds with an ill-placed shot.

Next up is an unnamed title currently going by the acronym BBCG. The premise, however, was instantly recognizable as a version of Colin's Cards, albeit in a gorgeous 3D environment. Monty and Jen were rendered as polygonal models, and the background adjusted itself depending on what time of day the Mac thought it was.

We also got a look at the upcoming Big Bang Brain Games. A collection of 6 titles, including Big Brain Fallacy, Rememberance, Reaction, Sudoku, Echo, and Nova Sweeper, the game types range from quizzes based on philosophical fallacies to a grid-based chain-reaction game that utilizes directional arrows and warp holes to facilitate the movement of particles. BBBG boasts Freeverse's typical polish, and fans of puzzle games should have something to look forward to once this sees release.

Last but not least was Heroes of Might and Magic V, which was being shown off on a gorgeous 30" screen. This Intel-only title, developed under Cider, is nearing completion, with the current build looking quite good. HOMM5 makes full use of multi-threading OpenGL and is reportedly equal in performance to the Windows version.

Concrete release dates were hard to nail down, though Freeverse swears that Big Bang Brain Games will be out by the end of the month. In related news, congratulations go to Freeverse for picking up an Eddy for WingNuts 2.


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