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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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MWSF: Bongfish Shows Stoked Rider
5:04 PM | Eddie Park | 5 comments

Bongfish folks Klaus Hufnagl and Michael Putz were on hand in the games section and was showing off the current build of Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien. Described as a sandbox snowboarding game, Stoked Rider allows gamers to experience the joys of virtual snowboarding in a go-anywhere environment.

The build running at MWSF was just a week into development, but was already running quite well. We watched as Klaus demonstrated various features, including the "if you see it, you can go to it" backgrounds, the multitude of performable tricks, and the various unlockables, including an alien snowboarder complete with a jetpack.

Other aspects of the game include a shop where clothes, boards, and stat upgrades can be purchased, time race and score attack modes, and use of the Ageia Physx engine in which the kinetics of snowboarding are strongly emphasized. Though not in evidence in the current build, Bongfish notes that one of the physics features will be liquid effects, which include snow erosion, frozen water, and avalanches.

A solid release date has yet to be set, though Bongfish is hoping for release in about a month. They also plan on releasing a demo as soon as they can, and we should have a preview of Stoked Rider ready to go sometime in the near future.

Be sure to check out a brief QuickTime movie clip we took of the game by following the link below.

Stoke Rider Macworld Expo Movie
Drop Point: Alaska
Buy Drop Point: Alaska

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