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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
EA Big on Little Games for iPod
7:51 AM | Anthony Wang | 12 comments

Yahoo examines Electronic Arts decision to pursue mobile gaming, most notably for the iPod. EA currently can account for four games for Apple's popular media player which are sold through the iTunes Online store. Some of the reasons for EA developing games for the iPod is not only the simplicity, but also the fact that millions of potential iPod owners are also gamers.

Consumers have an appetite for a diversionary-type game experience -- a snack where they can play for five minutes," Mitch Lasky, who leads EA's mobile gaming initiatives, told Reuters in a recent interview...Mobile gaming is growing, and the iPod fits into those plans. "It's very much a cousin to our existing mobile business," he said...Mobile gaming accounted for 14 percent of EA's revenue in the fiscal year ended March 2006, or $393 million.

...The iPod may not be the best device for playing games, but it already is carried around by millions of people, giving it a certain edge, said Forrester analyst Paul Jackson...It is the one "you are most likely to be carrying when you end up waiting for a flight, sitting in a dentist's waiting room, etc.," he said.

Add the new iPhone into the mix, and EA's bet is looking more and more promising.

EA bets iPod good for video games

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