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Thursday, January 4, 2007

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Prey Goes Gold
9:19 AM | Eddie Park | 21 comments

Aspyr has officially announced that the Mac version of Prey has reached Gold Master status and is currently in production. A first-person shooter licensed from 2K/Take-Two Interactive, Prey introduces new elements into the genre, including wall-walking, spirit-walking, and gravity-flipping.

Some of the key features of Prey include:

  • Gravity Flipping: ­ Manipulate gravity by shooting special targets
    located throughout the sphere. There are also zones in the world where gravity is automatically flipped in various directions.
  • Wall Walking: ­ Wall walk surfaces allow Tommy to traverse the spherešs walls and explore otherwise unreachable areas.
  • Death Walking: ­ Death isnšt the end. After losing all his health, Tommy enters the Death Realm. He must battle the wraiths of fallen spirits to regain both health and spirit energy before returning to his living body.
  • Spirit Mode: ­ Tommy can use the power of his ancient ancestors to leave his body and enter a spirit form. Spirit mode allows Tommy to sneak up on enemies, as well as overcome the spherešs many obstacles.
  • Portals: ­ Portal technology adds a new dimension to gameplay, allowing enemies to appear out of thin air, creating new and completely original puzzles and employing advanced gameplay techniques.
  • Multiplayer: ­ Multiplayer games take complete advantage of the unique gameplay styles of Prey, as players walk on the ceilings and walls while the mapšs gravity flips from side to side.
Prey is currently slated for a January 16, 2007 release date, with the retail price set at $49.99. More information can be found at both Aspyr's site and the official Prey site.

Prey Official Site
Buy Prey

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