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Tuesday, December 5, 2006
Adventuring In DragonFable
8:24 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The Slacker's Guide has posted a review of DragonFable, a free web-based role playing game from Artix Entertainment. Players create a character and then set forth to do battle with monstrous fiends in order to amass gold and experience. The Guide recommended the game to RPG fans looking for a quick dose of old school adventuring.

From the review:

If there was ever a middle ground for role-playing games, this might be it. DragonFable is a free web-based role playing game in the style of the stereotypical role playing game, complete with warriors, rogues, mages, a medieval setting, trolls, dragons, ghosts and all the rest that can be expected from the genre. Produced by Artix Entertainment, DragonFable allows players to easily create an account, customize their character and get to the game play. Players then take on quests, slay enemies, collect items, and build skills and advance through the levels to improve upon their character.

Although DragonFable is essentially free (Artix Entertainment makes money off the purchase of dragon coins which allow the player access to rare items as well as new areas of the game), the company makes a better product than one might expect from such a free offering. Crisp, clear, detailed graphics meet rich combat sounds and good background music to create a simple yet complete role-playing game feel. Like the role playing games of old, players can wander from screen to screen picking up quests and slaying enemies to gain gold and experience points without a larger story arc guiding their actions.

Check out the full review at the link below.

The Slacker's Guide: DragonFable Review
Artix Entertainment

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