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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Will iTV Bring Apple Into Console Gaming?
8:24 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

In a recent Next Generation article Aaron Ruby put forth the possibility that iTV, Apple's upcoming device for streaming digital media from television to computer, might include gaming capabilities. This idea of the new device as a "trojan apple" poised to put Apple in direct competition with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo is pure fantasy to some, including Macworld's Peter Cohen who challenged Ruby's conjecture in a Game Room blog post yesterday.

From the Next Gen article:

All of this basically means that Apple could be on the verge of launching a slimmed down, single-core Mac Mini capable of streaming interactive content from a host computer and capable of storing and playing casual games locally...

Itís worth remembering, however, that Steve Jobs was a former employee of Nolan Bushnell. We all know how failing to protect the platform stung Atari. And it was Jobs who had a hand in making the classic, Breakout, so heís certainly not devoid of game cred.

It would be truly ironic if a Trojan Apple rolled out of Cupertino. Instead of using games to gain convergence, Jobs and company may just use music and video to wrap up games into a neat set-top bundle. And the cultural ubiquity of the iPod brand certainly wouldnít hurt iTVís aspirations to breach our living room walls.

From Macworld's Game Room:
I finally figured out what was wrong: Itís not that iTV wonít be a game console or an interface to let Mac users play games on their computer at allóthat much is as patently obvious as the nose on your face, even if Ruby wants to delude his readers into thinking a device being billed as a way to watch digital downloads is a ďtrojan apple.Ē

Itís Apple itself that makes the conclusion problematic.

Apple is so far away from being able to complete with Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo as a games developer, the mere idea is beyond ludicrous. Itís absolute fantasy.

These are companies that invest millions of dollars annually into developing technology and evangelizing that technology to game developers. Appleís efforts, by comparison, are little more than a teardrop in the ocean.

To read both articles and decide for yourself follow the links below.

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