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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Prairie Games Gets A New Partner
10:12 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Game industry veteran Randal Reiss has acquired a major stake in Prairie Games, developer of the popular Minions of Mirth. As his first act as the company's new chairman Reiss announced that the one-time fee payment structure for MoM would be made permanent. Originally conceived as a promotional device to attract customers, the single fee has helped the game nearly quadruple its number of subscribers in a matter of weeks.

According to Mr. Reiss, “I loved the idea of the one-pay approach the first time I heard it. It gives the players more control over their own game and their own finances. While this may be viewed as heresy by some of the other game companies, I see making this a permanent feature as my own personal contribution to the evolution of the MMORPG.”

As far as upsetting other game companies that may see one-pay as cutting into their profit margins, Mr. Reiss is not concerned. He sees the evolution of the MMORPG model as inevitable.

“I’m sure that Blockbuster was rattled when Net Flix came out with no-late-fees,” says Prairie Games Vice President Lara Engebretson. “Blockbuster made a ton of free money off of those late fees. The fact is nobody can stop progress and if Net Flix hadn’t done it someone else would have. Given the choice, I would rather be the company introducing the new way of doing business, rather than the company fighting it.”

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