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Monday, August 7, 2006
Carmack QuakeCon Comments
6:30 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamespy recently posted a collection of John Carmack's comments from the keynote lecture at the QuakeCon 2006 event. The article covers a variety of issues including id Software's next game, Carmack's reaction to the AMD/ATI merger, and the release of Quake III's sourcecode.

5. Carmack was concerned over whether he and id might have had released the Quake III source code too soon.

For years, John Carmack and id Software have been big supporters of open-sourcing code from previous projects, but Carmack expressed some concern over whether the Quake III source code might have been made available too soon, citing two major exploits that came to light shortly after the source-code release last year. In taking a poll of the audience on hand, however, the crowd was overwhelmingly behind the release of the code, even though it led to some multiplayer cheats.

Carmack's reaction: "OK, I'm happy now."

6. Carmack is still enjoying programming for the mobile platform, and highly recommends it as a starting point for beginning programmers.

"The cell phone platform stuff has been really pretty fun," said Carmack on his side projects developing cell phone games. "I look at that and think, 'This would have been such a cool environment to learn programming and game development on.'"

"I tell people now, if you want a professional programmer, programming something on the cell phone might be a really good way to start, because you can just do it in Java, and you don't have to learn DX9 to get stuff on the screen. I look back at how I learned programming on an Apple II; there was a lot of benefit to being able to write a couple-of-pages program to see stuff happen on the screen that you really don't get with PC development nowadays."

The full list of comments is available at the Gamespy page linked below.

Gamespy: Carmack At QuakeCon
id Software

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