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Monday, August 7, 2006

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Apple Games Features DropTeam
6:38 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple's Games section has posted a new feature, this time dealing with DropTeam. The Sci-Fi themed action title drops players into futuristic mechanized combat with the goal of conquering as many planets as possible. Apple's feature offers a review of the game and a look at the game's storyline.

DropTeam places you in command of one of the two sides battling for control of the many planets in the game. From the tactical display, you assess the situation and decide which units to deploy, giving them orders and creating waypoints for their movements. You then take control of one of the units on the surface, moving it to intercept the enemy. If itís destroyed, simply select another unit to deploy and try again. A word of caution: donít place units too close to the enemy, or they might shoot down the dropship before it can deliver its cargo.

The world where the battle takes place also dictates your strategy. Some are verdant, Earth-like planets with structures left behind by the previous inhabitants, which can provide you with additional resources if you capture them. Others, however, offer nothing but a radioactive wasteland or pools of fiery lava or sheets of slick ice.

Gravity and atmosphere also varies, forcing you to alter how and where you deploy your units and what type of weaponry you employ. For example, high gravity and dense atmosphere will slow down your projectiles, forcing you to get closer to the enemy before firing. High gravity also makes vehicles and tanks more difficult to control and will cause them to more easily slide down slopes, sometimes with catastrophic effects.

To check out the rest of the Apple Games feature head over to the page listed below.

Apple Games: DropTeam Feature

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