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Friday, August 4, 2006
Aspyr's July Newsletter
7:01 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In its recently released July newsletter Aspyr Media once again offered a glimpse of The Gamerhood, its upcoming service for purchasing and downloading games. The company promises to release more information as the release date draws closer.

The Gamerhood(TM) Features

- Purchase games and download them online
- Play games without physical CD/DVD media
- Check user compatibility by comparing machine's hardware against a
game's minimum system requirements before purchase
- Alert users to current Aspyr projects and new games
- Allow users to register games online
- Alert users to game updates and provide installs for updates
- Provide a user-friendly interface and convenient way to organize
personal gaming catalogue
- Allow parents to restrict game play and online game store material based
on ESRB ratings
- Provide users opportunity to take advantage of special offers

The newsletter also offers insight into the reasons bugs make it into final versions of a game. The recently released Civilization IV is used as an example of how changes to system software after game release can introduce unexpected problems.
Civilization® IV Mac was a very particular case of new system software
being released after the game had gone final, that led to bugs in the
initial version of the game. In this case an update included several new
components for both sound and graphics, and some caused conflicts with existing games. This caused a range of issues in Civ® 4 that we've been working hard to fix. While in many cases developers have access to
pre-release versions of video card & system updates, it can be a balancing act to decide how much to test with each pre-release seed and how much to concentrate on known stable officially released configurations. When it does happen that a bug crops up in the final release of a new computer or system update, the best we can do is work as quickly as possible on a patch to fix any conflicts.
Speaking of game updates, Aspyr is currently working on a variety of patches to squash bugs and bring older titles into the Universal fold.
We've been busily working on a large group of patches that should be
released in July and August. These include a Civilization IV Mac patch to
address performance and sound issues, a Civ 3 Mac patch that adds Universal support for Intel and several bug fixes, Universal Mac versions of Rollercoaster® Tycoon 3, Jedi Knight 2, and Jedi Academy, an update for Tiger Woods® 2005 Mac that fixes a conflict with the latest version of QuickTime, and an update for Call of Duty® 2 Mac to bring it up to the latest PC version 1.3.
July's issue wraps up with an interview with Jack Pattillo, Technical Marketing Assistant at Aspyr. To read the interview and the rest of the newsletter click on the link below.

Aspyr July Newsletter
Aspyr Media

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