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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

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A Look Into the Upcoming Quake 4 Update
9:08 AM | Anthony Wang | 4 comments

With Quake 4 version 1.3 point release just days away from PC release, with a Mac patch coming along as well, Planet Quake 4 looks at the latest update for the Sci-fi action shooter.

To design the game's new content, id Software contracted Ritual Entertainment, a company whose history with QUAKE goes all the way back to the first Quake 1 mission pack. Ritual is responsible for both new gametype and many of the new maps. The patch is much more than anyone could ask for in a free game update. During our visit to id Software's headquarters in early July, had the opportunity to play a test build of the 1.3 Point Release.

Instead of including an adaptation of a previously known game type such as CTF, Quake 4 1.3 includes an original gametype named Deadzone. The Deadzone gametype isn't a mod such as Quake III Arena's mission pack "Team Arena" was, but rather an additional gametype built into Quake4's executable. Ten maps include this gametype as an option, three of which are adaptations of already included CTF and DM maps. Level designers will have no problems adapting their maps to include the features needed to play a Deadzone game...

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Archives  News  A Look Into the Upcoming Quake 4 Update