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Friday, July 28, 2006

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Battle For Wesnoth Update Beta
9:20 AM | Anthony Wang | 1 comment

The team behind Battle for Wesnoth has released a beta patch (v.1.1.8), which includes numerous updates slated for the eventual 1.2 patch. In this beta patch for the upcoming 1.2 update, the game received updates across the board from campaigns and graphics down to the game's engine.

Here's a list of a few of the changes:

Version 1.1.8:
* campaigns
* Eastern Invasion:
* replaced unit "Lord" by "General" (#6132)
* The South Guard :
* fixed a few broken image paths
* scenario 2 :
* made the enemy leader water-phobic, so he won't charge fishes
* moved away a footpad so he won't steal the keep at turn #1
* Jarek no longer acts loyally (#6408)
* Heir to the Throne
* fixed fire sword that can't be picked up (#6234)
* increased income for Snow Plains enemy
* removed obsolete maps
* Dwarven Doors balancing tweak: AI gets more income, less gold
* Home of the North Elves: only need to resist one turn, not all turns
* Under the Burning Suns:
* scenario 3: Undead leaders can't move on "very hard" difficulty...
Please follow the links below to download the update, read the changelog or to learn more information on Battle for Wesnoth.

BFW 1.18(beta) Discussion and Download
BFW 1.18(beta) Changelog
Battle For Wesnoth

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