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Friday, November 3, 2000

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Spider Web's November Sadness
11:51 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

Today Spider Web Software , the makers of the esteemed Exile series, announced two major happenings. First of all they announced Their "November Sadness Sale". I'll let Spider Web explain it,

"November is the saddest month at Spiderweb Software.

There are no smiles. Our basement offices, normally warm and cozy, are
chill and damp. There is no singing of happy shareware-making songs.

The reason? Sales always hit the toilet in the month of November. Why is
that? Perhaps people are too busy planning their turkey purchases. Perhaps their fingers have frozen up, and they can't quite get their credit cards out of their wallets.

And maybe no parent wants to buy presents for their kids in November, whenChristmas is just around the corner. Could be.

But we are not passive here. We are not ones to give into despair. That's
why we are throwing our second annual November Sadness Sale! For the whole
month of November, our most popular products are all %10 off. Avernum.
Nethergate. The Exile Trilogy CD. Blades of Exile. All cheaper!"

10% off makes Spider web games even more of a steal! Besides the Sale Spiderweb also announced the final release date for their upcoming RPG, Avernum 2. Of course that release date is only the Mac OS version, they had this to say about the Windows version,
"Sadly, the Windows version of Avernum 2 will not be ready until February or March. We'll do the best we can."
Sweet revenge :-). Avernum 2 is a remake of one of the greatest RPG's ever, Exile 2: the crystal souls. Besides the release date Spiderweb also released a slew of new screenshots to feast one's eyes upon. Apparently Spider Web also needs Beta testers, you can apply at their webpage.

Avernum 2 hompage
Spiderweb software
Spiderweb Software
Avernum 2
Buy Avernum 2

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