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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Battle Corp Currently in Free Beta
8:52 AM | Eddie Park | 4 comments

An interesting title by the name of Battle Corp is currently in free beta status, allowing anyone interested in giving the game a spin to do so. A Flash-based browser game, Battle Corp touts itself as as a persistent, massively multiplayer strategy and war title.

Using a turn-based system and set in the future, Battle Corp allows players to run their own corporations. Both diplomacy and warfare are used, with the goal being to occupy as much territory as possible, accumulating both planets and the resources they contain.

Battlecorp is neither a reflex game nor an office game, but a real strategy and diplomacy game, where your tactical abilities and your thinking will be more usefull than your swiftness with the mouse.
Some points of interest include different warfare environments, which will force players to constantly change their tactics, and the free creation of Consortiums, which consist of allied corporations with ties that can be broken on a whim. More information, including a detailed tutorial, can be found at the official Battle Corp site.

Battle Corp

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