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Thursday, November 2, 2000

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Tropico Q&A
11:59 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

ActionTrip has posted a short Q&A with Franz Felsl of PopTop, the developers behind the upcoming 'dictator-sim' Tropico. This intriguing sim title, coming to the Mac and PC in early 2001, places you as the dictator of a budding third-world island nation.

Not just a simple sim game, Tropico has many interesting features and a complex web of personalities that will give the game a personal feel. The game also features an extremely advanced graphics engine based on Railroad Tycoon II, also by PopTop; several screen shots of astoundingly high resolution (1600x1200!) accompany the Q&A and reveal an impressive amount of detail.

Here's an excerpt which sums up the game and its goals:

Action Trip: Give us a basic overview of the game.

Franz Felsl: Tropico is about being the ruler of a Banana Republic type Caribbean island perpetually in the cold war era. On this island you must build up it's social, political and industrial infrastructure while balancing the countries budget, filling your Swiss Bank Account and juggling the peoples loyalty. While doing this, the world around you changes and makes demands of your resources. This all takes place in a 3D simulated world where each person in the game is an individual and makes his or her own decisions and opinions, goes to work (if you've provided jobs), gets married, has children and in general goes about their daily lives. Their lives are modified by the laws you pass and the structures you build. Do things well and you'll stay in power for a long, long time. Do things poorly and you'll be rowing a small boat away from the island in the middle of the night… if you're lucky!

One wonders if any actual third-world dictators will grab this one to brush up on their chops. In any case, expect Tropico to grace store shelves in Q1 2001 from Gathering of Developers. Read the rest of the Q&A for more details, and be sure to check out those screen shots; they are worth the download time.

Franz Fesl Interview at ActionTrip
Gathering of Developers
PopTop Software
Buy Tropico

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