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Thursday, May 18, 2006

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The Burning Crusade Q&A
7:27 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamespot recently posted an interview with Blizzard lead designer Jeff Kaplan about The Burning Crusade, the eagerly anticipated first expansion for the overwhelmingly successful World of Warcraft. The expansion will introduce two new playable races, a new level 70 experience cap, and a myriad of other additions.

GS: Can you tell us about the new flying mount?

JK: The flying mount can run on the ground faster than epic mount speed. We wanted you to be able to land in front of your friends and be able to show it off like, "Hey, dude! Check me out. I'm on a flying mount!" The mount will give you free flight through all of Outlands. So if there's content out on a rock out there, it's only accessible to me if I have a flying mount, which you'll need to be level 70 to get.

GS: Are you allowed to drop off the mount in midair?

JK: Yeah!

GS: And if you drop off from too high up, will you crater?

JK: Oh, yeah. Watch. Clicks dismount action. Ahhhhhh. Player falls and takes roughly 3,700 fall damage.

The rest of the interview can be found at the Gamespot site below.

Gamespot: Burning Crusade Q&A
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