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Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Warcraft Movie in the Works
12:52 PM | Eddie Park | 2 comments

A recent article by The Hollywood Reporter confirms the rumblings that occur every now and then in the world of Blizzard: a Warcraft movie is currently in the works. A joint effort between Blizzard and Legendary Pictures, the movie will use the Warcraft mythos, though none of the specific storylines from any of the games will be followed.

Blizzard's Chief Operating Officer Paul Sams, who has wanted to make a Warcraft movie for years, notes how Legendary's philosophy agreed with his views:

"(Legendary) didn't say, 'We want to make a great "Warcaft" movie.' It was, 'We want to make a great movie in the "Warcraft" universe.' That was really important to us."
Some of Legendary's other produced works include Batman Begins and Superman Returns. No dates have been set yet, though both sides stress they will be working cooperatively to, among other things, avoid the pitfalls that video game to movie conversions usually seem to suffer.

Hollywood Reporter - Legendary enters world of 'Warcraft'

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