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Monday, May 8, 2006

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Myth World Cup 2006
10:06 AM | Eddie Park | 13 comments

Registration has recently opened for the Myth World Cup 2006. An annual event, this year's competition features a $1000 grand prize as well as other offerings. Changes have been made to the rulesets as well in the interest of fairness.

The MWC's general format features a two-team format, with Myth 2 being the game used during play. Teams will be sorted based on skill level, or "threat rating":

Once registration is complete, all teams will be divded up into pools. The pools will be balanced according to the threat ratings assigned by tournament officials. Each pool should contain a rough mix of power teams, weak teams, and average teams. The number of pools, and the number of teams in each pool, will depend upon the number of teams that enter the tournament. Over the first three to five weeks, each team will play every other team from their pool once. There will be one match each week.
The tournament is double-elimination, with the final match being a 7-game faceoff between finalists. In the event of a tie, sudden death rules are invoked.

Registration will stay open for the next three weeks, or until the roster has been completely filled. Those interested in competing are encouraged to register at the official MWC site.

Myth World Cup 2006

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