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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

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Heroes Of Might And Magic V Previewed
7:57 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Total Video Games is one of the latest to publish a preview of Ubisoft's upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V, the latest in the fantasy turn based strategy series. The preview of the PC version briefly examines the turbulent history of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise before delving into the inner workings of the latest game.

Scattered throughout the gameworld are a number of artefacts, which aid the hero characters through their campaigns much like in an RPG title. Artefacts are usually pieces of armour such as helmets and cuirasses, weapons, or even spells. Though exact details of every artefact would ruin the game, Ubisoft has confirmed a couple such as the Turban of Enlightenment (which increases the level of a character's experience by 20%) and the Trident of the Titans (which increases the level of damage caused by a player's attack by 50%). A further breakdown has also been given regarding the different types of spells that can be cast in the game, including Combat Spells, Adventure Spells, Destructive Magic, Dark Magic, Summoning Magic, Light Magic, and Special Abilities though the spell book was certainly very empty during the course of the demo.

As if the breakdown of attributes wasn't comprehensive enough, the game goes further with players also able to keep up to date the various skills of their characters. For instance at the beginning of the game, Lady Isabel two primary skills in Basic Counterstrike, a unique skill of knights, and Advanced Leadership, which increases the moral of all creatures in the hero's army by two. The latter skill also enables Isabel to learn new skills at a later stage of the game, in recruitment, estates, and diplomacy. Finally the character screens also provide a biography of the characters, just in case you wanted to know the finer details of a character's past.

Freeverse Software will be brining HoMM V to the Mac sometime soon. To read the rest of the preview head over to Total Video Games at the site below.

Total Video Games: HoMM V Preview
Heroes of Might & Magic V
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