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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Duke Nukem Forever Status Check
9:49 AM | Eddie Park | 8 comments

Gamasutra notes an article published in the May 2006 issue of Computer Games Magazine that discusses, among other things, the current state of Duke Nukem Forever. A game that has been in questionable development almost a decade now, DNF has managed to achieve a certain notoriety for its seemingly eternal incompleteness.

The title was apparently run for CGM at 3D Realms' studios and was described as being mainly "pieces of a game in progress and tech demos." Included in the pieces were a vehicle sequence, an early level, and a few rooms.

One interesting note is that publisher Take-Two is apparently still willing to invest rather heavily in the DN franchise:

A recently reported-on Take-Two financial filing shows that the game's long-time publisher has significant interest in the game's completion date, noting: "One other notable payment was the renegotiation of a $6 million charge due [to former publisher GT Interactive, now owned by Atari] upon delivery of the final PC version of Duke Nukem Forever back in March 2005. The epic delay of 3D Realms' shooter has meant that $4.25 million of the final milestone payment has already been paid, alongside the promise of a final $500,000 upon the commercial release of Duke Nukem Forever prior to December 31, 2006."
As has been noted many times in the past, DNF is still treading water, and may actually see some point.

Gamasutra - Broussard Updates Duke Nukem Forever Status

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