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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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WoW Patch 1.10: Weather, Armour, Gold for Exp
8:32 AM | Evan Holt | 7 comments

Blizzard took down all World of Warcraft realms early today at 3:00 AM PST in order to prepare for the huge 1.10 content patch. A few realms will remain down until 2:00 PM PST however the anticipated time that the servers will be back online is 11:00 AM PST.

This patch adds new content and exciting new features (as well as the usual smattering of bug fixes):

• New High-Level Armor Sets!

Adventurers of Azeroth can now quest to upgrade their previous Rare-quality Dungeon set to a new, higher-quality set, including epic gear! These tasks include all-new boss encounters, so prepare your finest group of dungeon-delvers and prepare for a challenge!
To see the new armour and the details of each piece, visit the mini-page that Blizzard set up using the link below.


Weather has been introduced in the following areas around Azeroth:
- Elwynn Forest
- Tirisfal Glades
- Dun Morogh
- Darkshore
- Alterac Mountains
- Stranglethorn Vale
- Feralas
- Un'Goro Crater
- Tanaris
- Winterspring
- Silithus
We will be adding more weather to the world as time progresses; this is simply the beginning!
• High-Level Instance Changes
Along with the new Armor Sets, the high-level 5-10 man dungeons have received some changes regarding loot. Many items have been improved in quality and use. In addition, several epic items, such as Headmaster's Charge and the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, have had their drop rates significantly increased. In order to preserve the challenge of these dungeons, they have had their instance caps lowered. Stratholme, Scholomance, and Blackrock Depths now allow a maximum of five players inside, and Blackrock Spire allows a maximum of ten.
• Quest Experience to Gold Conversion at Level 60
Previously, quest experience was wasted if one completed a quest at level 60. In this patch, any quests done at maximum level will have their experience reward converted to a healthy amount of gold, thus adding additional incentive to completing those quests in your log once you hit 60.
•New Final Destination Flight Paths!
If you're making several jumps to get to your destination, you will now be able to choose that flight path from your initial Flight Master. The costs will remain the same, but you no longer need to manually click on each path. The UI has also been improved significantly.
For the full list of changes (including class specific ones), visit the official World of Warcraft page using the link below.

Blizzard Entertainment
WoW: High Level Armour Sets 1 and 2
World of Warcraft
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