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Friday, February 10, 2006

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Post Morten Civilization IV
8:29 AM | Anthony Wang | Comment on this story

GameDaily Biz has posted a post mortem of Civilization IV, developed by Firaxis and ported to the Mac by Aspyr. The post mortem highlights the success the turn based strategy game has had after switching publishers, continuing to keep veteran Civ players happy even after the fourth release of a game, while adding new features to bring in new players.

All that said, Civilization IV has seemingly avoided all the pitfalls and become a big hit with Civilization veterans and rookies. Talking about this, Gilmore said, "It's always a huge challenge to take a successful game and make it even better, while not disrupting all of the features that made it great in the first place. Our team at Firaxis was very successful doing that with Civ III, and with Civ IV we really feel that we've taken the game to a whole new level. With the switch to 3D, some solid new features (like religion), the extensive set of modding tools and the best multiplayer capabilities ever in the series, we've created what may be the most comprehensive version of Civilization ever."
Click on the links below to read the article and to learn more about Civilization IV.

Game Daily Biz: 2K Games' Cradle of Civilization
Civilization IV
Buy Civilization IV

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