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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

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Neverwinter Nights Beta Patch Available
7:24 AM | Andy Largent | 7 comments

Proving their long-term support for the game, BioWare has updated the Mac version of the RPG Neverwinter Nights yet again. This version 1.67 beta patch includes a number of bug fixes for the main game, as well as the aftermarket modules available.

Here's a small excerpt from the list of changes:

# HotU: Chapter 2 - Fixed an issue that could sometimes occur during the battle in the Environs near the end of Chapter 2. You should no longer get stuck and be unable to move if the Battle Herald does not approach you and initiate a conversation with you (this fix will retroactively fix saved games exhibiting this issue, but only if you load a saved game from before you entered the Environs).
# Added 3 portraits and 3 music themes from the BioWare Premium Modules Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, and Witch's Wake 1 to game resources.
# Fixed an issue that was causing the game to slow down and become unplayable at the start of SoU Chapter 2.
# Fixed an issue with creatures some times occupying the same space. This should happen a lot less frequently now.
# Extended the glowing monk eye effect to work on all the default playable races.
For the complete list, check out the beta page. Keep in mind, this patch is still in testing and should only be installed if you're willing to try out untested code.

Download NWN 1.67b1
NWN 1.67b1 Release Notes
Neverwinter Nights
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Archives  News  Neverwinter Nights Beta Patch Available