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Monday, February 6, 2006

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Stubbs the Zombie Reviewed
8:15 AM | Anthony Wang | 3 comments

Applelinks has posted a review of Stubbs the Zombie. Developed by Wideload and published by Aspyr, Stubbs the Zombie features brain-eating action in a retro-style cityscape with a great soundtrack as well. Despite all the brains, city scenary, and music, Applelinks noted pitfalls of the game including level design, linear gameplay, and graphics. Nonetheless, Applelinks handed Stubbs a 3 out of 5 in their rating system.

Ultimately, Stubbs fell a bit shy of my expectations. I'm not terribly upset by the high system requirements; I expected them. The level design is interesting and open (so open that it may take you a bit to figure out where to go next), but the action itself tends to get a bit old even within the limited running time of the game. Staggering your exposure to the weapons helps, but the basic strategy remains the same throughout (unlike in most war first-person shooters, for example, where different missions require different methods of execution). The game is amusing, but never laugh-out-loud funny. The soundtrack may be the best I've heard since...
Click on the links below to read the review or to learn more information about Stubbs the Zombie.

Applelinks: Review
Aspyr Media
Stubbs the Zombie
Buy Stubbs the Zombie

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