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Monday, February 6, 2006

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RoN: Rise of Legends Previews
8:15 AM | Anthony Wang | 1 comment

With Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends nearing release for the PC, new previews have been posted by Gamespot, IGN, and Gamespy unveiling the third race in the stand-alone(not expansion) fantasy RTS game. Each preview highlights the Cuotl, the third race of the game. The previews also go more in-depth into the missions, units, and technology trees of the three playable races.

Excerpt from Gamespot:

With magic and technology battling in the form of Alin and Vinci, it's appropriate that the recently revealed nation, Cuotl, is home to an alien race with technology so advanced that it looks like magic. In a surprise plot development, Big Huge Games revealed that the game takes place on a world where a Cuotl spaceship crashed to the surface ages ago. Only a handful of Cuotl survived the crash, and they set themselves up as gods, subjugating small tribes on a remote continent. Pieces of the starship landed all over the surface of the world, which inadvertently ignited...
Excerpt from IGN:
The campaign in Rise of Legends tells the story of a Vinci inventor named Giacomo. At the beginning of the game he's traveling with his brother Petruzzo, lord of Miana, and with General Carlini and a force of imperial musketeers. The party is heading to investigate a strange new device that's been discovered in one of the lord's mines. As they arrive on the scene they're ambushed by...
Excerpt from Gamespy:
The first thing I realized in my mission is that numerical superiority is an absolute must when fighting the Cuotl. Time and again I watched a single squadron of Cuotl soldiers take out two or three times their number of Vinci units. The good news, though, is that Cuotl power seems dependent on unit cohesion...The situation's even tougher for the Alin. As a hit-and-run race, Cuotl have a tendency to mow through Alin units like Rosie O'Donnell through an all-you-can-eat buffet. What I came to realize, however, is that the Cuotl are extremely dependent on...
Click on the links below to read the previews of RoN: Rise of Legends. Although no Mac version has been announced, the original Rise of Nations was published by MacSoft successfuly.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
Gamespot: Preview
IGN: Preview
Gamespy: Preview

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