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Thursday, February 2, 2006
Ventrilo Update Fixes Numerous Bugs
9:22 AM | Evan Holt | 3 comments

Version 2.3.2.Prototype.7 of Ventrilo for Mac was released which fixed numerous bugs including the 'crash when quit' bug for users in 10.4.

Ventrilo is similar to a Voice-Over-IP program that allows users to chat while in game with other users.

• Fixed program crash when closing the program that only occurred when running OSX 10.4 or higher but worked fine on 10.3.

• Corrected the Hotkey button not always working when Monitor/Test button was in use.

• Selection of the Output device is now functional.

• The Line Input slider for Sound Input device is now functional. Similar to the Windows client it will restore the Line Level to your specified value each time you connect to a server, but only if you select a specific output device (other then Default).

• Amplifiers should be fully functional now. Not sure if they were in Prototype.6 or not.

• Modified a lot of the controls to use a smaller font in order to conserve space.

Main Window:
• Modified User List window to cover the full width of the Ventrilo window in order to follow a more accepted standard window layout.

• Modified toolbar buttons to use square and attached buttons making them look more uniform. This will be changed again in a future version.

• Modified the popup menu to enable, disable and checkmark menu options depending on the context of the selected item.

• Moved User->Copy Comment to the Miscellaneous menu option similar to the 2.3.2 Windows client. This allows for coping user, channel and server comments to the clip board depending on the selected item.

• Added support for User->Mute.

• Added support for Server Admin->Login / Logout
• Added support for Server Admin->Server Properties

• Added support for Channel Admin->Login / Logout
• Added support for Channel Admin->Create
• Added support for Channel Admin->Delete
• Added support for Channel Admin->Edit
• Added support for Channel Admin->Info

Chat Window:
• Now supports unique colors for each user. Colors are randomly assigned at this time.

• Modified display windows to cover full width of the Chat window in order to follow a more accepted standard window layout.

Server Admin:
• Added full support for Server Properties window.
• MOTD can now be edited in addition to displayed.

• Fixed sample rate conversion problems where the person transmitting might sound like a chipmunk or as if they are talking REALLY SLOW.

• Fixed many other sound problems, but a few remain that still need to be addressed.

• Numerous internal miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.
• Configuration files are now stored in ~/Library/Preferences/Ventrilo instead of ~/ventrilo

The 560KB download can be obtained from the link below.

Ventrilo for Mac
Ventrilo: Download

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