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Thursday, January 19, 2006

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New Heroes Of Might And Magic V Info
8:07 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

A post on Ubisoft's forums offers some tidbits about the upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V, in development by Nival Interactive. A screenshot and preview from Click!, a Polish game magazine, describes the 8X10 chessboard battlefield, two new multiplayer modes, and six campaigns - one for each faction.

From the translated article:

Big changes have been made in muliplayer mode. Apart from its standard versions (including hot-seat mode and playing against the computer) we have now 2 new variants - Duel Mode and Ghost Mode. The first one is for quick, few minutes battles. Makers compare it to games like .... Tekken or Soul Calibur. Why? In Duel Mode players can choose one hero (every one with a pre-determined army, skills and artifacts) and pit them against each other on the combat map. The best of 3 battle-rounds wins the whole game.

Even more interesting is Ghost Mode, which is supposed to be the solution to the boring waiting for the end of turn of the opposing player(s). Instead of looking into the ceiling, you'll be controlling a ghost - in the beginning only one, later even more - whose task is to explore the map and follow the active player. The more he (the active player) elongates his turn time, the more energy the ghost will have. He can use this energy to improve one of his six, different skills - haunt, posses, curse, devour, guard and vision. He (the ghost) will be able to, for example "cast a curse" on the other hero, which will lower his parameters or he can posses neutral units and take control over them in the next battle. The second option can be used to simplify your victory (because you are fighting.. with yourself), or make a suprise to the opposing enemy (because they don't know they're fighting with human, not AI).
While the preview of the game is based on the PC version it should still be informative to eager Mac players. Freeverse recently announced it will be bringing HoMMV to the Macintosh sometime soon after the release of the PC version.

To check out the screenshot scan and the English translation of the preview click on the links below.

Ubisoft Forum: HoMMV Preview
Click!: English Translation of HoMMV Preview
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic V

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