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Thursday, January 5, 2006

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Civilization IV Reviewed
8:28 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GamersInfo has released a new review of Firaxis' latest turn based strategy title Civlization IV. Building on past Civilization games, Civ IV introduces religion and new 3D graphics to the familiar game of world domination. Impressed by the quality of the title GamersInfo calls Civ IV "the best game of 2005, and the best Civ game yet created."

From the review:

With the addition of religion, culture and trade play a much larger role than in previous versions. Your civilization can adopt a state religion, giving bonuses to cities that fall in line and increasing (or decreasing) your affinity to your rival civs. Religion is tied to scientific advancements, so different religions are available at different times. (Though, your choice of religion doesn't affect what science you can research - something the team might think about in the next version.) In earlier Civilizations, you would steer your empire through the various types of governmental power you want to wield, with each type affecting how your citizens felt about you and their role. For example, a monarchy might make it easier to keep your citizens under control, but at the expense of creative freedom and faster scientific achievement. Civ IV beats this by adding several new dimensions to your culture via the "Civics" screen, such as your civ's views on slavery, free speech, economy and more. Again, besides just changing how your civilization works but how other civs interact with you - just like the real world.
The full review and a handful of screenshots can be found at the link below.

Gamersinfo: Civ IV Review
Civilization IV
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