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Friday, December 9, 2005

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Rune Sequel A Possibility?
7:56 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

In a post on the RuneGame forums, Tim Gerritsen of Human Head Studios discussed the possibility of a sequel to Rune. The Viking themed action title still has a loyal following years after its release, which is one of the reasons Gerritsen says he and his fellows want to create a Rune 2 someday. The success of Human Head Studios' current project for 3DRealms, the sci-fi FPS Prey, will play a large role in their ability to take on any future projects, but he said fan pressure on publishers can play a part as well.

If you really want a Rune 2, though, you need to tell it to the publishers. We want a Rune 2 some day. We've always said that. It is the pubs you need to convince. They see a game with a so so meta critic score and a devoted, but smallish audience and sales that were good but not great. Of course you and we know different. Rune was a major labor of love, and I believe firmly that anyone who actually plays the game for more than an hour can see that (after the water level and all those crabs in caves, of course...)

Seriously, though. Make your voices known to the publishers. If we say, 'Rune has a truly fantastic following, even now, five years on' they just look at us like "Sure, five people, right?" If we show them forums, they just shrug. If this wonderful group of hard core, dedicated fans were to all shout at the publishers, however, that speaks volumes. If they know that people are stoked, that Rune really was an overlooked gem, and, most importantly, wallets would open at the sound of Rune II on a shelf, then they would listen.
To read the full post, which includes a history of the developer, click on the link below.

RuneGame Forums: So, If We Did Do Rune 2...
Human Head Studios

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